Each activity – process, competencies and technology –are critical to impacting sales productivity. Sales people need the right language, messaging and content all at the right time to help customers understand the full extent of their business issues.

Crain’s published their Tech 50, a list of Chicago’s top tech talent. The list reflects Chicago’s growing tech community – one that inspires and encourages SAVO and many other successful regional tech companies to continue to be innovative, unique and influential.

A strong partner enablement strategy supported by a flexible technology platform can help to optimize indirect sales productivity, expand partner contributions, help build partner relationships and preference and most of all hopefully, keep your best partners from “changing the channel” to another vendor.

Earlier this week, I introduced a concept called “onboarding gnats” (you can find that blog here: “Stop Gnats from Invading Your Onboarding Process”). In it, I described how unanswered questions can overwhelm and create significant anxiety for your new sales hires. After…