Sellers strive to learn about their business and the best way to sell. But sometimes they forget that the best way to be successful is to unlearn formerly-established mindsets and habits from previous sales roles. Organizations can promote sales success by establishing tools and processes that challenge these previously-held approaches and strategies. Josh Linkner, SAVO’s Sales Enablement Summit keynote speaker teaches us how.

According to the “Lifetime Value of a Sales Rep,” productive sales reps quickly become complacent ones. How can you encourage your veteran sales reps to promote new products and solutions? Research shows that a little training can go a long way. Learn how to increase your revenue attainment from even your most seasoned sales reps.

The lifetime value of a sales rep = the amount of investment we make in the growth and development of a salesperson with the hope of future return. We’ve been so focused on enabling our newly self-empowered customers, and feeding them content on their way through their buying journey, that we’ve neglected to do the equivalent with our salespeople. It’s time to rethink the Lifetime Value of a Sales Rep and help them be more productive to help your organization improve and attain revenue initiatives.