“More than 60% of firms who did invest in collaborative frameworks achieved big gains in knowledge sharing and communication accuracy between marketing and sales.”

- AIIM Social Business Systems survey, 2011

@davidfcarr of InformationWeek’s The BrainYard has an interesting look at a survey from the AIIM Task Force on Social Business and Innovation, focusing on social business innovation.

What stood out was that 60 percent of respondents indicated they achieved big gains in “knowledge sharing and communication accuracy between marketing and sales” from their investment in collaborative frameworks.

It would be interesting to dive deeper into these statistics to find out how these businesses aligned these collaborative tools with specific business issues and processes – this has always been the key to getting value out of any social tool. Directing social tools in a purposeful manner aligned with business objectives is critical and increases the overall value and ROI.

Tablets Dominate Enterprise – Executives Take Notice 
According to Infinite Research’s Worldwide Enterprise Tablet Market Forecast Report, tablet adoption in the enterprise is about to dramatically increase.

“Over the next 5 years, total shipments of tablet computers to enterprises around the world are expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 48%. That growth reflects a rise in shipments from 13.6 million units in 2011 to 96.3 million units in 2016.”

Mark Ritorto of Infinite Research noted that the tablets fulfill the need for “real-time access” regardless of location – a BYOD message we’ve heard before and agree with. We’re seeing this as our clients roll out their mobile sales enablement strategies. Sales teams are empowered with real-time access to experts, demos, content and other sales collateral on their device of choice. All delivered when it’s needed in an opportunity. This can be the difference between closing a deal and missing out.

Are you riding the BYOD wave for greater sales success? Let us know.

Until next week – continued sales success!

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