The tablets are coming, the tablets are coming! Tab News covered a recent VentureBeat infographic, which showed that tablets are being coupled with desktops and laptops, helping to increase sales, boost customer support and enhance overall productivity. A few stats worth noting:

  • According to Forrester, the number of shipped tablets is set to skyrocket from 16.1 million units (of which, around one million were bought by businesses) in 2010, to 147.2 million in 2015.
  • 41% of small and medium business (SMB) employees use their own tablets for work purposes.
  • 16% of small companies are piloting tablet use.
  • 14% of SMBs said that they had deployed tablets to specific groups.
  • 45% of those in the enterprise use their devices for sales support or customer presentations.

These stats support the growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend we’ve been discussing for some time now. How does your company match up to the stats above? Are you piloting a tablet program in your individual department or has a program been deployed across your organization? What sort of standards does your company have in place and have you noticed increased productivity?

How will you get your sales organization to sell more effectively, set and reach higher goals and become more efficient in 2012? Check out what’s trending in 2012 in sales and marketing. According to B to B Magazine, seven trends to keep in mind for 2012 include:

  • Tablet apps will accelerate sales effectiveness – we’re already seeing this with our customers and within the industry in general. (See Forrester prediction above.)
  • Mobile adoption will speed response time – having anywhere/anytime access in the field will increase effectiveness and productivity level of individual team members.
  • Marketers will need to raise the bar on digital content – as BtoB shares, marketers will be challenged to effectively produce and curate high-quality content that represents their companies’ value propositions.
  • Evergreen presence and more dependence on owned and earned media channels – what kind of paid and non-paid channels is your organization taking advantage of for dynamic content?
  • Social scales from networking to conversation and commerce – social collaboration, combined with anytime access is the perfect cocktail for sales success.
  • Live events will become 365-day digital events – the focus will shift from traditional one-day live events, to digital events that offer more of a shelf-life for companies.
  • B2B ROI automation will drive accountability – in the coming year, organizations will have additional access to analytics they may not have in the past in order to gauge the return on investment.

Which of the above seven trends are you most focused on for the next year? We at SAVO see tablet, mobile and social adoption as being a focus for organizations in 2012 and would be interested in learning if our predictions line up with your actual plans.

As always, we love to hear your thoughts on our Sales Enablement Week in Review. Additionally, feel free to send along anything we may not have covered, or any trends your seeing as it relates to sales enablement, sales and marketing alignment, social collaboration or otherwise.

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