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Enduring the recent heat wave, it’s difficult not to associate the word “lazy” with the Tom Sawyer ideal of hammocks and fresh-squeezed lemonade.  Doesn’t sound too bad when one is spending each morning and evening navigating packed EL cars for fresh air and an AC vent.

Recently, however, the Sales 2.0 blog posted an entry addressing the flip, or downside of lazy, asking the question, “Are sales people lazy?” The question originated during a pre-show speaker dinner, where one anonymous sales leader let slip a belief that in his or her opinion sales people are, yes, lazy.

I think it’s a little unfair to call sales people lazy. Sales people are, by nature, opportunistic. In the same way hunters know to follow game trails; sales people have an instinct for right place/right time moments. They tend to gravitate towards people and tools that will help them meet and exceed quota. Sometimes leveraging resources can appear as if the sales person is putting too much responsibility on marketing, sales engineers or a customer success team, etc.

Which brings me to my point – technology. A plow, a bow, or the military-grade underwater radar your uncle installs on his fishing boat, all of these innovations were developed to narrow the gap between our efforts and success. Sales Enablement is the innovative tools and processes that are crucial to bridging the gap between sales and greater revenue. Between sales and success.

Sales Enablement tools give time back to marketing and other internal teams by intelligently providing sales with the white papers and case studies they need to win deals. What made this VP of Sales a lead? No need to call and email marketing when the information is pushed to you as soon as that VP pinged your website for the umpteenth time.  This is the other half of CRM, technology acting on behalf of your sales teams so they can close more deals. Imagine the farmer who could buy a plow that knew when the soil was ready and hit the field while he focused his efforts on something else.

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