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What does it mean to be sales-enabled? How far along is your organization on the path? And what kind of measurable success have those who have advanced the furthest experienced?

SAVO’s Maturity Benchmark informs the process and lends the insights that your organization needs to chart its way. It is fast becoming the industry standard for best practices in the 9 critical domains of strategic sales enablement. Areas like messaging. Knowledge management. Sales processes. Asset management. Areas where the better the alignment – internally as well as with customers – the fewer the gaps between expectations and the kind of sales performance that really moves the needle on revenue growth.

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Benchmark Surveys

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Sales Execution
Find out where the gaps are between your company's growth initiatives and the buyer's decision. Take Survey Now
Sales Attainment
2 out of 3 companies are below average in providing effective training on their sales process. Are you one of them? Take Survey Now


Sales Enablement
Which strategies do you need to improve on or invest in? How does your sales enablement stack up? Take Survey Now
Lead Conversion
Is lead conversion an issue for your organization? SAVO can help. Take Survey Now


Sales Operations leaders are using automation to their advantage to increase revenue and cut costs. Are you? Take Survey Now
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