Insights-led Sales Enablement

What does it mean to be sales-enabled? How far along is your organization on the path? And what kind of measurable success have those who have advanced the furthest experienced?

SAVO’s Maturity Benchmark informs the process and lends the insights that your organization needs to chart its way. It is fast becoming the industry standard for best practices in the 9 critical domains of strategic sales enablement. Areas like messaging. Knowledge management. Sales processes. Asset management. Areas where the better the alignment – internally as well as with customers – the fewer the gaps between expectations and the kind of sales performance that really moves the needle on revenue growth.

In fact, we have found that those who are furthest along in on the enablement path, the “high maturity performers,” outperform the Fortune 500 in revenue growth by an impressive two-to-one margin. Sales enablement may not be the last word in business success, but it’s a critical and ready lever to spark better sales.

Interested in how your organization stacks up? Take our complimentary survey for an abbreviated diagnostic, and an idea of where you are at on the sales enablement continuum. Then let us share how our thinking and tools will help you tap into the power of Smarter Selling.

SAVO developed the Maturity Benchmark Test to examine sales enablement operations against 12 critical domains, which include:

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • New Product Launch
  • Messaging
  • Sales Process
  • Social Collaboration
  • CRM
  • Knowledge Management
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sales Enablement Program Management
  • Asset Management
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Workforce Management

Each domain is based on activities and competencies that make up an optimally mature organization. The benchmark helps companies measure their level of maturity against the best practices of a defined industry and peer-group benchmark.

Through an extensive interview process, SAVO provides you with a maturity map and client benchmark that represents your scores across the 12 domains in absolute terms. Findings and recommendations are supplied to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for future development.–>

Download the Maturity Model Solution Brief