A single-source of truth to make smart sellers brilliant.

The SAVO platform drives sales forces worldwide by giving every seller prescriptive content,
wherever they are, whenever they need it. The best part? Content gets delivered in-context of
the sales situation. Sellers have just what they need to help customers advance through the
buying process. And they can access these resources where they already work – on the web,
in CRM, and on mobile.

Instead of wasting time looking for resources or scraping together presentations, sellers have
the right “marketing-approved” resources at their fingertips. No more searching. No more
creating content.

“All of our sales reps can now have an insightful conversation with the customer about our entire portfolio. That’s smarter selling.”

SVP of Marketing and Sales, One Call Care Management

Beyond prescriptive. It’s adaptive.

Sellers need to go where the customer leads, pivot at a moment’s notice.
SAVO accommodates every sales situation. Content tailored to industry,
competitive set, buyer persona – and much more. We’ll even break it down by region,
business unit and authorization level.

“When you make the sales force more efficient, you impact the company’s bottom line. SAVO is definitely saving us time, not just in sales but throughout our organization.”

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Omnicell

Built to handle the complexities of any enterprise.

Content management.

Workflow, governance. SAVO makes it easy for subject matter experts
and content owners to get their content to the field.

User management.

By business unit, by geography, by access permission—whatever you need,
the platform delivers prescriptive solutions tailored to the organization,
even the channel.


SAVO removes the barriers. The platform comes ready to work – in 12 languages.
And ready to segment by country or channel.


Let’s put it simply. SAVO keeps your content safe with the highest security
standards in the industry. That’s why leading commercial banks and financial
services companies rely on us. Every day.

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