Get new sellers
up-to-speed faster.

It takes 6-10 months to onboard a
new seller. With average seller turnover at
2 years, that leaves reps with only 14-18
months at full productivity. SAVO’s just-in-time
training and coaching helps ramp sellers
faster with day-to-day orientation.

Maximize the value
of tenured sellers.

Once sellers begin contributing to the
bottom line, the goal is to keep them
selling. SAVO keeps veteran sellers
motivated by supplying a flow of new
insights, information, and situational
support needed to stay on top of their
game. Now, you get more value from
your existing sellers – longer.

Move the needle with
tribal knowledge.

It takes an entire sales ecosystem to support
a seller. Make it easy for sellers to leverage
insight from across your organization by
delivering subject matter expertise when and
where they need them in a deal.

Serve up coaching and
insight, at every step.

Imagine if every seller could perform
like your best sellers. Turn B sellers into A
sellers by prescribing the coaching and
process you know works best, at the
right time in a sales cycle.

Make data-driven
sales decisions.

Sellers want to know what works best, and
managers want insight on ways to improve seller
performance. And, marketing wants insight to
know materials are working. SAVO’s robust
reporting makes it easy to evaluate your team’s
progress and replicate winning strategies.