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After the merger, SAVO mobility enabled us to quickly ramp up the Salesforce on cross-selling the full breadth of services we offer.


Amy Stewart
SVP Marketing and Sales Strategy at One Call Care Management

Key Features
Presentation Kits

Presentation Kits

Prepare and gather presentation assets relevant to a selling situation into a kit and present with confidence.

Guided Selling

Guided Selling

Lead reps to the best coaching, prescriptive kits, and relevant content for their field sales activities.



Lead a whiteboard discussion by annotating an existing document or freely drawing a conversation and then email the result directly to the customer.

PowerPoint Animation

PowerPoint Animation

Engage your customers in each meeting by presenting an animated PowerPoint powered by your tablet.

Offline Capability

Offline Capability

Present content during any offline situation.

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts

Connect your team to your collective social selling intelligence, leveraging subject matter experts and tribal knowledge that gives your teams a competitive advantage.

How it works

Load documents, presentations, videos, and other assets.

Company administrators can load and manage content and users as well as tag other users to be recognized as subject matter experts to give them rights to manage content.

Move content into a professional presentation kit.

After accessing a resource, a sales rep can move files to a presentation kit to organize the content around a meeting and even present offline.

Determine best ways to push resources to users.

  • Recommend Kits - corporate-promoted resources addressing any initiative
  • Quick Search - one-touch returns for hottest topics
  • Guided Selling - adjust to changing conversations with company approved resources

Lead a meeting and control the conversation.

Present PowerPoint presentations, videos, PDFs or lead a whiteboard discussion, save the result and email the creation directly to the client.
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7 Questions have been asked about “Mobile Sales Pro”

  1. Steven Maes

    Do you have additional information about the integration with Salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
    Are contacts and accounts synchronized? Are activities synchronized from the mobile client towards the CRM system?

    • Scott Eidle

      Mobile Sales Pro is designed to Prepare, Lead and Control your in-field meetings. Writing activity information back to your CRM system is really focused on recording that an activity associated with your presentation is recorded to either the account or opportunity record. For specific information on how we empower our clients to set these triggers, please contact us at marketing@savogroup.com.

  2. Tim

    I need to give a presentation on how to use the app. Besides the features above are there any special features that are not shown that would impress my coworkers? Also, is there any video to watch to go through the app and it’s features? Thank you!

    • Scott Eidle

      Thanks for your note! We’ve tried to highlight the features that our clients tell us have been the most important (and impressive), but there are certainly others that you might use in your situation. For example, you can access a document in one of the Recommended Kits and email it to a colleague right on the spot – this is a great way to keep the conversation alive even after you have ended your meeting. For others we recommend giving us a call so that we can highlight others that you may want to use specifically in your situations.

  3. Manal

    Hello, I had a question about the features in your app:
    – does the app support enhanced features on presentations (video, audio, images, animated slides, hyperlinks, gifs, etc)
    – can i make changes to the presentation within the app
    – can i link to the internal and external data sources within the presentation


    • Scott Eidle

      “The SAVO mobile supports a wide range of functionality within presentations on your mobile device. However it is important to realize that there are some formats that simply are not supported on some mobile devices; for example, iPads do not support Flash video, regardless of what app you use to play it. Regarding the presentations, we’ll be introducing a Presentation Pro functionality that will allow you to configure presentations within the defined limits of your company’s compliance policies. The app also allows you to leverage deep-linking to internal and external sources

  4. Bruce Huber

    Are the app capabilities the same on all platforms? I just sat through a training where they were telling me about the whiteboard capability in the mobile app. I have the Android version of SAVO on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and I don’t see any way to launch a whiteboard. Nor do my PowerPoint presentations show animation. Am I just a red-headed step-child? Thanks!

    • Scott Eidle

      Comparison of iPhone Vs Android Phone
      The key differences between Android and iPhone is the support of the ”Proposals” module which is available on iPhone but not on Android. Both platforms offer data encryption, Jail break detection (ios) & Root detection (Android).

      iPad Vs Android Tablet
      Android and iPad versions are different. iPad provides lot more functionality compared to Android. iPad does offer presentation mode and whiteboarding while the Android version currently does not.

  5. David

    I was reviewing mobile sales pro and was wondering if you offer the ability to input forms at the end of a presentation?

    • Scott Eidle

      We can provide a number of different ways to modify your presentations depending on the complexity and compliance dictated by your organization. Give us a call to discuss your particular instance!

  6. Christanne K

    Other than PowerPoint, videos, and PDFs, are you limited to what types of files you can upload?

    • Scott Eidle

      To test any formats aside from these and the standard Microsoft Office formats, please contact me/ us directly and we can confirm your format for you.

  7. Katerina Correa


    Is SAVO Mobile Sales Pro, have the ability to be branded ?

    Katerina C.

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