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We needed to find a way to increase our efficiency and accuracy when responding to RFPs. SAVO's RFP solution prevents our SMEs from having to answer the same questions multiple times, while providing our account teams with immediate access to responses, to help drive revenue.


Cheryl Tidwell
Executive Vice President of Business Development, Bravo Wellness

Key Features
MS Office Add-On

MS Office Add-On

Allow team members to work in a familiar environment using Microsoft-standard "ribbon" and right-click functions.

Synchronized Content Creation

Synchronized Content Creation

Eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone "collect-and-merge" process by enabling multiple people to contribute content, simultaneously in MS Office.

Status Tracking and Dashboards

Status Tracking and Dashboards

Track the status of an RFP response in MS Office or via web dashboards. Monitor question and section assignments, approval queues and the overall Q & A process.

Business Configuration

Business Configuration

Manage and adapt to changes in the business or RFP response process on your own -without relying on SAVO or IT assistance.

Content and Q&A Management

Content and Q&A Management

Upload content needed for RFP responses and specify a review date to ensure the document stays current. Add approved answers in the Q & A catalog for easy access.

Wizard-Driven Assembly

Wizard-Driven Assembly

Leverage a step-by-step wizard to assemble complex RFP responses and reduce assembly time and effort so that you can focus on strategic activities.

How it works

Access the SAVO MS Office Add-on

to assign questions and sections in the RFP to team members and subject matter experts to ensure that all questions are answered.

Search the Q & A catalog

by using the 'Find Answer' function to automatically populate a catalog search.

Click and drag a matching answer

from the MS sidebar to the text box in the Q & A response document.

Approve, reject or modify submitted answers

directly in the Q & A response document using the SAVO MS Office Add-on.

Utilize a step-by-step wizard

to assemble a brand-compliant proposal that includes all of the supporting materials.
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