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Our reps are now armed with accurate, up-to-date materials at their fingertips. They can take a conversation with a customer who only has five minutes to spare and turn it into a high-value, insight-led dialog with an engaged participant.


Paul Liberatore
Senior Manager of Sales Enablement, US & Canada, Welch-Allyn

Key Features
Instant Access to the Right Resources

Instant Access to the Right Resources

Deliver sales content, expert knowledge and coaching from a single, centralized source. Access is available anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Best Practices – Front and Center

Best Practices – Front and Center

Model your process and methodology in custom pages and playbooks; Coach and reinforce best practices at each deal stage.

Curated Content

Curated Content

Ensure relevance, recentness and regular review of documents with automated content management and governance tools.

Login Where?  Who Cares?

Login Where? Who Cares?

Provide instant access via: CRM, Mobile, Outlook, Office and the Web (no VPN required).

Understand What Works, Change What Doesn't

Understand What Works, Change What Doesn't

Help marketing and sales leaders understand adoption of key tools and initiatives, how teams collaborate, and how to fine-tune performance with SAVO analytics.

How it works

Centralized Content Recommendation Engine.

Organize and prescribe the best content, expert knowledge, coaching and collaboration. Easily design custom pages and playbooks to enable best practice sales execution with the right supporting materials.

Powerful Search Capabilities.

Search results are tailored to how users want to find content. Relevancy tuning, result ranking, auto suggest and key word highlights all provide an informative results display that makes it easy and quick to find exactly what's needed.

Opportunity-specific Enablement.

Content can be pushed via CRM opportunity records and by sales stage. Simple, wizard-driven approach enables reps to easily customize documents and presentations to their prospect or customer.

Robust Content Management Tools.

Content access and contribution guidelines, expiration options and compliance controls help preserve sensitive content and maintain brand compliance. Role-based permission, sites, user groups and libraries directs content to the right user groups.

Full Reporting Suite.

Analytics on content usage and collaboration inform leaders on how sellers are adopting sales materials and programs. Dashboards by role provide leading indicators and insights into sales execution and outcomes.
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2 Questions have been asked about “Sales Content Pro”

  1. Brandon Higa

    In Sales Content Pro, is there a mechanism whereby a user can be notified when a specific document type or types are added/modified?
    If so, can the user choose the frequency of notifications?
    For example, could a user get a weekly “digest” of all new white papers and case studies?

    • Tim Neighbors

      Users can subscribe to content within the system, and get a daily, weekly, or monthly email digest containing changes. There are many ways in which a user can subscribe to changes, for example; A user can subscribe to an individual asset, a library of content, or all content with a specific tag applied. Also, user can subscribe to other users, so that they are notified of that specific persons content.

  2. Michael Katten

    What cross-source search capabilities do you offer? For instance, Salesforce requires content to be in its own repository, but our enterprise will need search results from salesforce, from a website, and from another repository that has an API. Will Sales Content Pro provide this type of cross-repository search result capability?

    • Mary Konkol

      Content is often stored in multiple repositories and often that content will need to be accessible to a Sales Team. We have several customer proven ways to bring content into Sales Content Pro to ensure its availability to sellers in a seamless experience. Because each set-up can be unique, we’re always happy to discuss these items in more detail and in the specific context of your configuration.

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