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When companies drive consistency in sales execution through reinforcement with technology and coaching – at the right time and in the right context – 90% of reps achieve or exceed quota.


IDC, 2012

Key Features

Optimize deal quality

Accelerate sales execution

Forecast without guesswork

Embed best practices

Embed best practices

Prescribe activities by sales stage to reinforce and embed your best practice sales methodology each step of the way.

Guide every opportunity

Guide every opportunity

Guide reps with coaching, content, messaging and expert connections, all delivered dynamically for each opportunity.

Complete the right tasks quicker

Complete the right tasks quicker

Remind reps to perform key tasks and give them the tools to do it efficiently: relationship and account mapping, team collaboration, and leveraging social intelligence.

Access from anywhere, everywhere

Access from anywhere, everywhere

Reps can access information and receive feedback on a smartphone or tablet. It’s all in one place, customized to reinforce your priorities and objectives.

Hold reps accountable

Hold reps accountable

Reps are responsible for satisfying key outcomes at every sales stage – tracked and recorded in the application and in your CRM system.

Measure objectively

Measure objectively

Deal Quality Index objectively measures key indicators of deal progression and overall health of the opportunity.

How it works

Customizable to YOUR methodology

Easily configure the user interface to reflect standard, customized, or multiple methodologies including sales strategy, stages and status, seller activities, buyer tasks, and verifiable outcomes.

Dynamic recommendation engine

People and sales assets are delivered to the sales person based on the specifics of each opportunity; users don’t have to search for resources because the system recommends them.

Planning and relationship mapping

Automated capabilities make it easy for reps to map account and opportunity contacts, relationships, and value.

Proactive and exception coaching

Methodology-specific coaching and best practices are recommended at each stage in the sales funnel. An objective Deal Quality Index enables leaders to identify and coach opportunities in jeopardy.

Insight dashboards & benchmarks

Leaders can track process compliance and successful sales execution patterns. Individual reps see how their sales behavior compares to top performers.

CRM integration

Integrates fully with SFDC and other CRM applications. Once a task is complete it’s tracked seamlessly in Sales Process Pro and CRM.
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3 Questions have been asked about “Sales Process Pro”

    • Scott Eidle

      Yes, the information provided by Sales Process Pro is viewable in the Salesforce1 app and the SFDC Web site.

  1. Brad

    We do not use salesforce or MS dynamics. Our CRM is InfusionSoft – does that mean we can’t use SAVO products? Or is it possible to get Savo products outside any of those tech platforms? Thanks, Brad.

    • Joellen Sorenson

      The SAVO Sales Process Pro product is designed work both outside of CRM or integrated with CRM. If deployed without integration to CRM, a sales rep can be prompted to enter opportunity-specific data to drive the recommendation of relevant process, tasks, content, experts, and coaching. Reporting and analytics are also available outside of CRM. Additional integration opportunities will continue to become available throughout 2014, including a set of APIs that will ultimately allow for custom integrations to be built.

  2. Justin

    Do SAVO products have the ability to be translated into other languages? Can I set the product to use another language other than English?

    • Mary Konkol

      SAVO can enable an international sales force by allowing users to access content in the language of their preference. Often, our customers that support an international user base, segment their users by geographic and language needs. These segmentations align with how users are permitted to access content within the system, which can be as broad as our “Library” level, down to the individual asset level. Labels within the application can be translated, so based on the user’s preferred “locale” the system displays the UI accordingly. Additionally, custom navigation, taxonomy, and other customer generated content can be created using local languages, and configured to only be displayed based on users in the appropriate language segmentation.

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