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If you struggle to be heard, you’re not alone.

With your average prospect being inundated with 100 to 500 marketing messages a day, they are most likely overwhelmed by the daily marketing overload. Lost in all that noise are your advertisements, messages, value proposition and more. The result: 80% of leads are sent back to marketing for more nurturing and that puts your quota at risk. Even when your sales message gets through, only 11% of executives say they find value in it and only 7% of those prospects are compelled to take further action.

There must be a better way. A better way to engage, rise above the noise and empower your messages to not only to get through, but to be consumed, shared and acted upon.

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A new way to engage

Instead of more content, more volume and more automated, superficial “personalization”; leading sales organizations are finding ways to stand above the noise and be truly personal and deliver engaging messages, content and context. The result is more meetings, unstuck deals and shorter sales cycles.

SAVO Inspire offers you a way to break through the faceless noise by sharing a voice, face and story in a simple, personal, professional and scalable way. By bundling your message, context, content, and call to action in more personally targeted ways, sales people can now have conversations – even when they can’t get a meeting.

SAVO Inspire – Digital Postcards

SAVO Inspire is a turnkey solution that includes the SAVO Inspire Digital Postcard Platform bundled together with creative deployment services that can be used by marketing and sales for pre-event announcements, post-event follow-up, internal communications, as well as for sales prospecting and sales calls follow-up. Click the “Get Started” button to learn more.

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