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Team Selling Pro provides our sales reps virtual team rooms that encourage collaboration, connecting the right mix of people, to help us move deals forward. In addition, we believe this will be a great asset to our independent reps who will have the necessary resources and a central location to focus on specific products and topics they need to learn.


Courtney Chiavara
Lead Sales Analyst, Welch Allyn

Key Features
Collaboration Dashboard

Collaboration Dashboard

Aggregate the activity feed of tasks, documents and team rooms to provide easy access and accelerated sales delivery.

Team and Deal Rooms

Team and Deal Rooms

Invite coworkers, partners, and even clients into a virtual room to view content and collaborate.

Prescriptive Coaching

Prescriptive Coaching

Use the recommendation engine to prescribe best practices, SMEs, and resources that give the sales team an edge!

Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence

Access and filter through social selling feeds from Chatter, Twitter, LinkedIn and others to keep it relevant to your deal.

Document Management

Document Management

Feed and control viewership of the best-selling resources to the team based on any factor in your deal, from products to strategy or even competitors.

Text Editor

Text Editor

Create and share information using a rich text editor with '@ mention' capabilities.

How it works

Create a new team or deal room.

No matter the task, a team room will collect and organize all activity of a deal into one place so you don't have to search for best practices or resources.

Find and Invite expert team members.

Invite subject matter experts, partners and even receive recommended team members from the sales coaching feature.

Assign and keep track of tasks.

Everyone involved in the deal stays on track by coordinating the assignment and completion of tasks that move the deal forward.

Integrate file sharing.

A document management system that allows the team members to share, track, discuss and even restrict access to files from specific members.
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One Question has been asked about “Team Selling Pro”

  1. Elizabeth

    Does this option’s file sharing integration include Power Point Presentations? And if so, does it also include a slide library and the option for team members to create presentations from the slides posted in the file library?

    • Mark Chowaniec

      So, Teams does not integrate with our Presentations Application, but you can share PP files; you can share any file type. In a future release, you will be able to send a Presentation to Teams from the Presentations App. However, you can translate this however you would like, you can advance-manage PPT within Teams. Meaning, you can customize PPT within a room the same way you do in SAVO today.

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