Complex decisions made easy.

New technology needs to work with existing systems and processes,
so technology purchases require cross-functional decisions from multiple
stakeholders. More stakeholders means more questions and objections,
which drags out the sales process and makes it more complex.


Pivot at a moment’s notice.
Master the art of objection-handling.

SAVO makes it easy for sellers to manage
long, complex deal cycles involving multiple
decision-makers. Our platform gives sellers
the content, messaging, and expertise needed
to ace meetings at any stage of the sales cycle –
and pivot quickly based on the expectations
of their audience.

“Before implementing SAVO, we had a lot of sites internally
where different parts of the organization deposited information.
We have been able to change the culture of the organization so
now SAVO is the one place where everyone deposits meaningful
knowledge and where people go to find it.”

Senior Director of Learning and Collaboration, Trustwave