Turn Content into Action

What are your sales people doing right now? Probably not selling.
Research shows most reps spend more time hunting for content (and writing their own) than they spend selling.
Small wonder so many companies suffer from close rates that stubbornly won’t improve…or keep getting worse.

SAVO solves this problem so you can convert more leads and get a higher ROI on the content Marketing creates…and Sales actually uses. Delivering the right content and tools to your sellers at exactly the right time in the sales cycle.

Maximize Selling Time

On average, sales reps spend 30-40% of their time looking for and creating content they should already have. Give them back thousands of hours of selling time with efficient sales enablement.


Sales Enablement Where Sellers Live

Automatically deliver best-practice content, sales tools and expertise. On every device. Inside your CRM system. Wherever it’s most convenient and timesaving. See How



Apple, Android and Windows tablet and smartphone enabled

Sales enablement within CRM lead, account and opportunity records

Customized web portal pages for deeper levels of content

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Content in Context

Intelligently recommend the right tools, resources and experts. Based on proven results. Selected for relevance according to information such as product, competitor, or sales stage as contained in your CRM account, lead or opportunity record. No more searching. See How



Configurable sales enablement tiles right inside CRM

Dynamic content triggered by data in CRM

Works with Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics

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A Deeper Cut of Enablement

Give sellers access to a deeper set of tools and resources. Do it through online portal pages embedded in Salesforce.com. See How



Customizable portal pages embedded in CRM or stand alone

Business-owned configurable widgets eliminate need for IT involvement

Sales-optimized content management with open access to other content repositories like Sharepoint, Salesforce Content and Box

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