When it comes to gaps that keep a company from hitting revenue targets, one of the biggest is the divide between sales and marketing, and its cost to the business is significant: Some studies put it as high as 10 percent of annual revenues.

Bringing sales and marketing into alignment is a key facet of Smarter Selling. SAVO’s platform makes it happen with Smarter@Marketing, our vehicle for enabling more productive customer conversations. It weaves marketing tightly into the revenue generation process by addressing three critical objectives: Improving lead conversion rates; facilitating more effective sales execution; and ensuring brand and legal compliance.

It happens in a variety of ways. Using technology to automatically capture seller usage behaviors and feedback. Employing our content creation approach that routinely prescribes the right materials to users, but, importantly, allows sales to adapt them easily to their individual needs. Harnessing digital’s power to stay connected with the team – virtually everywhere.

SAVO sees Smarter Selling as a matter of enabling more than just sales. Done right, it creates a true collaboration between sales and marketing, increasing their effectiveness while significantly boosting their combined contribution to revenue growth. Isn’t it time to learn how the SAVO platform can help you enable Smarter Selling at your organization?