Once upon a time, salespeople relied on the yellow pages. Now, amidst an onslaught of information, it’s less about finding contact information as context for contacting someone with information.

Envision your ideal prospect. The person who without a doubt has a need for what you sell. Why can’t every prospect be ideal? Do we really need to cold call dozens of disinterested parties before hitting on the one person who gets it?

Prior to joining the Sales Development team at SAVO last year, I taught Kindergarten in Milwaukee through the Teach For America program. Despite the lack of glitter and recess, I’ve found a lot of overlap between teaching and selling, especially in a growing market like Sales Enablement.

Mobile is tricky. Companies know they should be using it, they know clients expect it, and will be engaged by it, but the “When to use?” or “How to use?” is harder to answer. Many sales reps interpret mobile strategies, even BYOD, as, “It’s all right here in one device. Look no further.” In reality, by not customizing your mobile strategy to meet your team’s specific needs, you’re missing the mark entirely and you’re sales reps will suffer for it.