Challenger selling, a CEB methodology born of extensive sales rep research across geographies and industries, is a multi-dimensional approach. It encourages a broader perspective from reps who are now faced with customers who spend more than half of the buying journey alone. So what’s it all about?

A successful buyer journey initiative is a thoughtful and relatively complex process. Done correctly, your organization will reap great value and rewards. Anita Nielsen polled attendees at INBOUND14 to find out their point of view. In this post, she discusses their responses and gives viewers advice on best practices for documenting this process.

Each activity – process, competencies and technology –are critical to impacting sales productivity. Sales people need the right language, messaging and content all at the right time to help customers understand the full extent of their business issues.

Crain’s published their Tech 50, a list of Chicago’s top tech talent. The list reflects Chicago’s growing tech community – one that inspires and encourages SAVO and many other successful regional tech companies to continue to be innovative, unique and influential.