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Our sales reps can now go to customers with a complete, compelling and consistent story about One Call and everything we bring to the table.


Amy Stewart
SVP of Marketing and Sales Strategy, One Call Care Management

Key Features

Lead Conversion

Opportunity Acceleration

Connect Resources to Leads

Connect Resources to Leads

Integrate lead-specific resources in CRM to help convert leads to opportunities.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Align conversations and marketing content to your lead's interests and goals. Coaching and resources are linked to CRM data captured for each lead (or opportunity).

Lead Conversion with Analytics

Lead Conversion with Analytics

Access and utilize best practice strategies to drive message consistency and success across the entire team.

Best Practices for Every Opportunity

Best Practices for Every Opportunity

Push sales strategies to the team right where they need them most - in the CRM opportunity record by stage in the cycle.

Dynamic Coaching and Resources

Dynamic Coaching and Resources

Feed your reps prescribed assets, coaching and best practices as deal characteristics evolve so that reps can make adjustments to keep deals moving forward.

Strategic Analytics

Strategic Analytics

Access to dashboards give executives the highest impact by connecting sales and marketing resources directly to revenue, detailing which efforts lead to results.

How it works

CRM Opportunity Pro lives in your CRM

And, is accessible on all pages within the application, including leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts and more.

Design, Upload and Tag Each Selling Resource

Use SAVO's simple tagging and display framework.

Deploy Opportunity-Specific Resources

Whether you're at the lead or opportunity stage, put opportunity-specific resources in front of reps when and where they are most relevant.

Track Interaction by Activity

Link to specific outcomes, such as converting leads, progressing deal stages and closing deals.

Access Key Metrics/Analytics

Deploy best practices across the entire organization.
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2 Questions have been asked about “CRM Opportunity Pro”

  1. Vikasnath Yandamuri

    Do we Have a trial Version of Savo CRM Opportunity Pro ?

    • Scott Eidle

      In some instances we do offer trial versions for enterprise clients that are willing to enter into a sales process with us. Please contact us for more details!

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