SAVO promotes research that advances sales, marketing, and sales operation practices, and yields practical insight for key roles that drive revenue for their organizations.

Smarter @ Sales
The 7 Attributes of Companies That Outpace the Fortune 500
The Link between Revenue Growth and Sales Enablement
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Smarter @ Sales Operations
How Sales Operations is Driving Revenue Growth Rates that Exceed the Fortune 500
Using sales enablement technology to increase productivity, efficiency

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The Five Failure Points of Today’s Selling System
Making sales more effective is a critical imperative among businesses today.
Identify if you have the fix in place for these five failure points in your selling system

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2013 Lead Management Optimization Study
The 2013 Lead Management Optimization study, highlights what marketing’s role could/should be in helping sales achieve their revenue goals. Read the full report here.
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Smarter @ Marketing
Marketing’s Role in Outperforming the Fortune 500
Increasing Marketing’s Relevance to the Bottom Line

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