Create content that moves the needle.

Today’s CMO is more revenue-focused than ever. Marketers are under
pressure to generate content that helps your sellers, and channel, win business.
Yet the majority of marketing content is wasted.


“For the marketing team, which spends a lot of time building
collateral, SAVO reporting is helpful for understanding which
assets get used – and which assets are a waste of time – so they
can focus on producing valuable collateral.”

Senior Director of Learning and Collaboration, Trustwave

SAVO helps marketing understand what sellers are using
in the field and what additional resources are needed.
This allows them to create better-targeted resources and show
a higher ROI on marketing content.

Asset Usage:

What are your sellers using?

Asset Freshness:

Is Sales using the latest
and greatest?

Customer Engagement

What resonates inside
your customers?

Now, marketing can tie content investments to business
brought in by sales. And can rest assured that the
brand and messaging is consistent whether sellers are
located in San Francisco or Sydney.